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tire tracks in lawn

We had a bunch of trees removed last spring. THIS spring we need to fix the lawn, which has deep tire tracks in it from the trucks driving over it. We're looking to do it ourself and cheaply :) Any ideas ?

Re: tire tracks in lawn

The ground where the tire tracks are has been compressed. It probably will not grow grass as well as the rest of the lawn if you were to just fill them in with extra soil.

I'd recommend rototilling that area to fully aerate the soil. Then you can plant seed or sod on top. Do not rototill when the soil is saturated, or you will just make it harder and turn it into bricks. The soil shouldn't be bone dry, either. If you compress a handful of soil and visible water appears (a sheen) it's too wet; if it falls apart it's too dry. You should be able to make a firm clump -- that's a good time to rototill. The rototiller should leave behind soft dirt, almost a foamy consistency.

I'll leave the actual seed planting detail to one of the other fine folks in the forum.

Re: tire tracks in lawn

thank you, Fencepost! Especially for being so clear about how dry the ground should be.

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