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Tips on roof tear off and reshingle

I'm going to have to do a tear off and put a new roof on my house this summer. I also have areas where I can see the underlayment is weak/sagging. I've helped do a few roofs with friends,but I was never really involved more than just laying shingles. I'm going to have relatives help that have done this before,but I figured I'd get some tips or heads-up's from you guys too.
Sorry,this is the best shot I have of the house right now,but you should get the idea. It's a pretty simple design. No dormers,valleys,ect.
I question where you guys would put the dumpster for the tear off? Not much room in front of the house between the trees and house,not to mention it trashing my landscaping. Any debris from the upper roof would have to be moved pretty far if the dumpster is dropped in the driveway though.
I would assume we would tear off and shingle just one side at a time,in case the roof needs to be covered for rain?
What are some do's and don't for a rookie?

Re: Tips on roof tear off and reshingle


Your roof is allowing a lot of snow to sit there, meaning you'll need a lot of ice shield underlayment under the new shingles.

It's an easy roof to work on.
- Bring the dumpster to the front of the garage door and haul the old shingles with a wheelbarrow.
- Start at the higher roof and remove one side/section at a time.
- Inspect the roof deck, rafters and support, do any necessary upgrades/repairs quickly.
- Install your underlayment shield, as required by your local bldg dept.
- Cut your 30 lbs roofing paper, lay on top of that to the ridge, and nail with nails with red or green large plastic washers, so the paper stays in place.
- Warning: never walk on roofing paper that is nor nailed down and always exercise ladder safety.
At this point you're OK even if it starts raining.
You are now ready to do the same on a different section - or you are ready to put your new shingles on this section. Your call. I prefer to shingle this section now, unless you have to return the dumpster right away.
- don't let the job run away from you, and don't be left unprotected at any time. Have plastic ready to cover the section you're on, if the rain comes.
- Send pics.

A. Spruce
Re: Tips on roof tear off and reshingle

First off, you're going to want to wait for all that snow to melt off. ;)

As DJ said, put the dumpster in the driveway and pack the debris. A wheelbarrow will work, but hand carrying will be just as fast, especially with help, and ultimately easier than trying to control and work with a wheelbarrow on a sloped surface.

That is a very easy roof to work with, a pro could have it stripped and relaid in about two days, so you should be able to wrap it up in about a week, barring any sheathing or framing repairs.

Any flashings with a rubber grommet in them (all plumbing vents ), replace with new, most metal flashings (exhaust vents, chimney jacks, step flashings ) can be reused. Use care removing the roofing around the chimney flashing, as long as you don't damage it and it is in good condition, it can be reused as well. Use care around the step flashing at the roof/wall transition, it can be reused as well, and, it doesn't have to be fully removed with the old roof, just carefully remove the old roofing.

Ideally, You would look for a weather window of at least a week so that you could strip the roof and have it stacked by the supplier, less handling for you. In lieu of that, at least peel the ridgeline and get the new materials delivered, then continue with stripping and weather proofing your roof. Have plenty of tarps handy if you're working in volatile weather conditions.

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