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Tiny bathroom door ideas?

I just bought a lovely little hundred-year-old house, and while I'm planning a fair bit of remodeling, I'd like to keep a lot of the original materials intact where feasible.

Most of the place is laid out well enough, but then there's the bathroom.  The one bathroom in the place is only 6'3"x5'2" inside, and it's in a second-story dormer so it's never getting any bigger.  It is of course a full bath, and all the fixtures are already about the smallest you can buy, but the door still doesn't clear the sink so I have to turn my shoulders sideways to get in.  Moreover, the inward swing blocks the one place you could install a light switch in the bathroom; the previous owners installed a wireless wall switch, but it's out in the hall.  Not exactly ideal.

I can work with having a tiny bathroom, but for that door.  My first idea was to turn it around so it opens outward, but that door is opposite the stairs and the swing would nearly reach the edge, as well as blocking a bedroom door.  There is perhaps barely enough room to one side for a sliding door, but that would mean taking out all the existing lovely old trim and doorknobs and such as well as re-wiring the hall.  I'm pondering whether it would be feasible to saw the existing door in half vertically and turn it into a bifold, or if there's another solution I haven't yet thought of.

Attached a bit of floor plan showing what I'm up against.  All measurements in the image are very rough, but everything's about where it should be.

Re: Tiny bathroom door ideas?

The lesser of the evils would be to hinge the door outward,even if it does restrict hallway movement somewhat. HInging outward would also free up the otherwise useless space behind the door, which is at the moment useless. A shallow self system, or possibly a recessed cabinet into the wall cavity would bring needed cosmetic storage.


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