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Debbie T
Tin Ceilings

We have a tin ceiling in our upstairs bath. It is the sheet type, not the squares and it has layers of paint on it. There are some small chips off the paint here and there and I was wondering if anyone knows what would be the safest way to strip that paint from the tin ceiling to redo it?

Re: Tin Ceilings

You need to remove a chip and have it tested for lead before you proceed any further.

If there is lead in any of the layers, you can either pay a professional to come in and strip it (which will reveal all the nice detail in the tin under the layers of paint), or use some type of fillers to fill chipped spots, prime with a sealing primer, and paint over it (losing more detail in the tin).

You might also want to Google on "lead paint removal" to see if there are DIY tips on dealing with it. But if any of the paint does have lead, I'd leave it to a professional to deal with it, as some of the Google matches note:
They also note that covering lead paint doesn't completely remove the hazard.

Re: Tin Ceilings

I think the lead-based paint will only be a problem if it becomes airborne. You could use the chemical paint strippers that are viscous and stick well. Check out the paint stripper that was used on TOH's Winchester house or the stripper used on TOH's East Boston house. I bet they list that on the TOH website. Good luck!

Re: Tin Ceilings

Strange they put a tin ceiling in the bath. The bath is usually the most humid part of the house. When you remove the old paint try not to gouge down to the base metal or rust may start spreading.

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