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time for a new well?

The pipes burst while it was in foreclosure and the well filled the basement. A year after I bought the house I had to pull the well head to install a new check valve. They charged me $400 to pull the head to the first union and installed the check valve in it's place. The beginning of this year I installed a whole house filter and three months later it is pure black.

Would a new well solve this issue or am I stuck with it due to my location and soil conditions? Also, where could I take my old filter for testing?

I would post pics, but it seems the uploader is not mobile friendly. ....

Re: time for a new well?

Depends on the filter if it's just a cheap one they generally need replaced every 3 months, If its a whole home carbon filter with back flush capabilities it should last in the range of 3-6 years on a well system, To me it sounds as if you probably just installed a clear housing filter on the incoming water supply and is only a canister about 2'x6-12" wide if that's the case the filters only last about 3 months hope this helps,

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Re: time for a new well?
khq83r wrote:

I would post pics, but it seems the uploader is not mobile friendly. ....

It's also not regular browser friendly and you can't post pics anyway when you have fewer than 10 posts to your name. But that aside...

It's possible that the flood you experienced resulted in the pump running an excessively long time thereby drawing the water level in the well down below what was normal. With the extreme low water, it could have caused soils in the well to become dislodged.

You may find that over time the situation will improve as things settle down, but it may take a year or more.

If your filter is a simple cartridge filter, 3 months is a typical lifetime. My well is high in brown/red sediment & rust, so I have to replace the filter cartridge about once a month.

To maximize the life of the filter cartridge, get the largest micron filtration you can get away with. If you get too much stuff passing through, go with a smaller micron rating.

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