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Timber Frame Home - Clean Windows

TOH crew went to great lengths to state how much easier and safer is is for contactor to build the center home roof cupula on the ground and then crane it up into place. However, I could not fail to see all the windows had the MFR labels in place.

How is the homeower to safely get up into the cupula to remove these label and clean the glass?

Re: Timber Frame Home - Clean Windows

The post construction cleaning crew will take care of that. After that? Hire professionals to clean...

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Timber Frame Home - Clean Windows

hey last week and the cupola flying episode this week they said Bensenwood doesnt usually use andersen windows and while tom was demonstrating to kevin installing a andersen window back at the factory showing off that thin clear plastic two part window pan he said it again and that these were new style andersen windows with thicker glass different thicknesses to be more energy efficient and sound deading oh and that the sashes and frames were made of composite from recycled wood and vinyl at the andersen factory from making wood and vinyl windows.

so i guess like with any product placement that andersen gave the homeowners a break on these new type improved R and U value windows and that the stickers were in place to assure that product placement in whatever footage made it to the small screen broadcast just like pepsi or coke pays big bucks to be displayed in a movie set.

since the space to the cupola is open from the first floor i do wonder how they plan to service the tilt in windows with a swing on a pully or wench or an extension ladder? anyone figure out the total height from the first floor I thinkt he first was 10 with the floor/ceiling of the second and the second was like 12 feet not sure the total roof/ceiling depth or elevation of the cupola can't see it on the bensenwood site where the detailed elevation plans are.

windows that are too clean during construction are not a good thing - you keep the stickers on them or x them so some goof doesn't walk or punch a pole or something through them by mistake. ever see that windex commercial with the two talking black birds and the guy on the back patio in a lounge chair, stretching out after having cleaned the patio sliding door with windex? one of the birds says to the other, wanna see something funny, and flys around the house and presses the door bell with his beak. the guy on the patio gets up, opens the patio door, closes it behind him to answer the front door no body there, bird joins his buddy in the back, you see the guy walking back to the patio and bang smacks his forehead right into the perfectly clean patio door glass, birds snicker and the guy has to clean his forehead smear off the patio door, then lays back down on the lounge chair, bird asks do it again. imagine summer interns camera an production crews catering, other site visitors, and all the usual construction ruckus and notice the roof shingles still have to be finished up there and more to go on top of that a solar system probably flying in, and why not go ahead and fly the shingle bundles up there and so on.

the speed this house got flown and buttoned up in real time was like 3 weeks i think they said. not sure if they deducted rain days and partial days downtime in that total.

Re: Timber Frame Home - Clean Windows

I think what they'll have to do is use the remote control to open the windows, climb up on the roof, stick a board throw the windows so it sits across the opening, Climb in through the window, realize they forgot the scraper and Windex, swear a little. Climb back out and down the roof, get the scraper and Windex, swear some more. Back up the roof, through the window, scrape the windows, while turning around knock the Windex off the plank, swear some more, get off the roof, get the Windex, swear some more and continue the process. I would guess that these windows get cleaned once and only once.


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