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Our old house was in the midst of a major renovation. We had lifted the house to put in a full basement, a sunroom addition off the back of the house and a ginormous garage because after all my husband is "Bob Villa" and that requires a larger than life garage, or so I am told. Shortly after our house was set back down on it's new foundation, my husband was dinking around trying to sturdy up the porch on the front of the house since it ended up being about a foot and a half higher than it orignally was. Now bear in mind that we hired professionals to do the work on our house for a reason (this of course was not on their "to do" list). I pulled up to the house to a see a bunch of grown men standing around with their mouths wide open as if they had just seen the 8th wonder of the world, only one of them had realized the humor in what had just happened and he was rolling on the ground laughing so hard I thought for sure he was going to expire and we would have to bury him in with the backfill. My husband on the other hand was not finding the humor in any of it, not sure that he was looking real hard though as he was a little winded and dazed to say the least. I had yet to uncover the source of their awe until I looked at my beloved porch. (Now as a child and well into my grown up years I had always wanted a front porch with pillars and before I had even set foot into our house I fell in love with the front porch.) There was my porch teetering by those beautiful pillars (one didn't make it, it was laying amongst the rubble), they were the only things supporting my porch. I was now not finding any humor in any of this either. I inquired to my still wheezing husband just "what the @#^%& happened here?!?" He still won't let me forget that I was more concerned about the porch than his life. As our contractor conveyed to me the details of what just took place, it became quite comical to me. Apparently, as the crew was sitting down to eat supper, my husband was walking across the porch that he was attempting to sturdy up when the back of the porch pulled away from the house. As I was being told this all I could picture in my mind was Scooby Doo and Shaggy treading air whenever they would come to the edge of a cliff and imagined that is what my husband looked liked as he was clearing the porch. Wow, what an image! All is well now, my pillars are all in the upright position...oh and so is my husband.

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