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tiling over existing floor tile

There was a prior post regarding tiling over existing wall tile. I'm interested in tiling over existing floor tile (1950's home). I'm assuming if the tile is mechanically sanded, or otherwise (suggestions?), to remove any residue I can tile over the existing? The room is so small, I have little room to work to remove existing.

Never done a bathroom before, so only question I have pertaining to tiling a bathroom is regarding setting the toilet after adding a layer of tile. Is there a part to raise the soil pipe and attach new flange? Would hate to go through all the effort only to not be able to properly set the toilet. Thanks in advance.

Re: tiling over existing floor tile

You can tile over tile but its generally not recommended. The upper/ new tile is only as good as the old tile.

That being said, make sure to use a powdered thinset (which you mix with water) that specifically says it is to be used for tiling over tile. Scarify the surface, clean like a maniac, then install your tile. Do NOT use mastic (stuff from a bucket pre-made)

Re: tiling over existing floor tile

You can still put new tiles over existing floor tiles by using Adhesive. Some says it's not really durable but I did it before and I can say it's still durable and lesser time to complete.

Re: tiling over existing floor tile

The reasons not to use mastic are pretty clear;

1- Mastic requires air to cure / dry. The tile below and the tile above will restrict air flow. The mastic in the center of the tiles may take years to cure, if it ever does.

2- #1 means that the tiles will not be secured to the floor well and can come loose with ease.

3- #2 does make demo-ing your floor quite easy, which is what you'll be doing if you use mastic in this case.

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