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Tiling Kitchen/ Breakfast Area Floor - Where should I start ???


I am thinking about to tile my kitchen and breakfast area and Laundry area floor with 1/4" Ceramic tiles. The floor is now vinyl laminate with oak baseboards. What is the process in order to get a successful result? I do not want to move any cabinets around. Where do I have to start? What do I have to think about? Is it possible to put in Radiant heating?

Below are some pictures from the kitchen and breakfast area floor.


Re: Tiling Kitchen/ Breakfast Area Floor - Where should I start ???

I would start by going to www.johnbridge.com. It is the best tile site I have found. First thing to check is the deflection of your subfloor / floor joists. That along with every other step in the process is covered there.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Tiling Kitchen/ Breakfast Area Floor - Where should I start ???

your range already is sitting high and looks like you'll have clearance issues with the register in the kick board under the sink and your dishwasher (which also looks like it was installed proud of the face of the base cabinets for some reason?). what is under the vinyl floor and is it continuous under the lower cabinets and peninsula breakfast bar or just tucked under the kickboard trim (assuming so since i don't see any trim on the face of it). you'd need to remove that trim at least to install a floor. if you can remove the vinyl and underlayment that might help you with the height issues looks like your area will be higher than the carpeted DR and other areas usually not desirable to have carpet lower from a wet room and water will travel the grout lines to the carpet if a spill or when you wash the floor.

i'd look into other flooring options because of those issues you mentioned and pointed out in the photos (and that you already replaced countertops and just did the backsplash before doing the floor). FWIW i'd consider rethinking your cabinet color finishing choice/hardware, and stripping the baseboard applied to the side of the base cabinet and matching the base or replacing it with shoe or 1/4-round and re-think the wall paint color if you're looking at re-marketing the home soon. standing and working on ceramic or stone floors in the kitchen is really hard (tiring) on the body.

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