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Tiling on a Diagonal

I am putting in a new tile floor and want to do it on a diagonal.
I am using standard 12x12 ceramic tiles.
How do you layout/setup the tiles to start tiling on diagonal?
Do I start in the center or at a corner?

A. Spruce
Re: Tiling on a Diagonal

Where you start will depend on the size and shape of the room. You want to have even sized tiles around the perimeter of the room, so the layout must take into account how the tiles will meet the walls. For instance, you might start with a half tile on one wall and by the time you get to the other side you have just a tiny sliver, it would look best if both edges used the same size cut pieces, same thing goes for end walls. It may not be possible for an even "reveal" around the entire room, but you should try your best for the nicest results.

Also, when you do your layout, pay particular attention to focal points. If there is a hallway that you're also tiling, you may want to start your layout there and work your way out. This will give the hallway the best reveals where they'll be noticed most.

Re: Tiling on a Diagonal

Spruce is right that you want to think about focal points in the room, how you enter the room etc. So get your subfloor/backerboard laid then snap some chalk lines maybe from the entryway directly across. or just measure the room and find dead center. snap your lines so they intersect at the rooms center, and loose lay the tile from the center out. see how your edge tiles will be cut, and adjust your lines accordingly. this is a little difficult to explain without pictures. So if you've never laid tile before I would recommend getting a book. You can even rent one from the library.

Re: Tiling on a Diagonal


This site is a good resource for tiling info and the "Tile your World" book is a good reference.

Check to make sure your subfloor is adequate with the deflecto calculator.

Re: Tiling on a Diagonal

laying tile on the diagonal is about twice as difficult as laying it square to the room. you should definitely lay it out dry from one end to the other (one row of tiles) and across the middle of the room (one row of tiles). to start, snap a chalk line down the length of the room starting from the middle of the most accessed doorway straight across the room. when you lay out the tile, tip to tip across the chalk line make sure to leave enough room for your grout line, usually the tip to tip distance is twice the grout line width. then go across the middle of the room with the next chalk line and lay them out tip to tip again. the complex cuts, around doorways and wall corners is the most difficult and can be much more easily explained in a book with pictures than me trying to describe it. also, with laying tile on the diagonal having an even piece on each side of the room is less noticable the larger the room is and also less noticable with tiles on the diagonal as opposed to layed square.

Ron remodeler
Re: Tiling on a Diagonal

I would dry lay , tip to tip your diamonds just as MLBSF suggested to get a sense of where to start. Myself, I like the room perfectly centered and it will be difficult to make all the edge cuts, but that is the beauty of a diagonal pattern.

frequently I start in the center and do a quadrant of a room and then work my way toward a door.

It should make you room look larger too.

Good luck.

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