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tiling advice needed

it's time to upgrade my tile cutter and wet saw.

tile cutter....i like the Rodia tile cutters but have never used them.

wet saw.....i like the dewalt 24000 wet saw and the MK's but have never used them.

i can't find any comparasion reviews so i was wondering what everyone liked for cutters and wet saws. i do a fair amount of tiling and half of it is in people's homes. i want something heavy duty, something that will last and something that works well and can be moved and stored easily.

what do you guys use and what do you like and not like about the tile cutters and wet saws that you have?

i'm figuring on a budget of $300-$500 for a tile cutter and $700-$1,100 for a wet saw.

Re: tiling advice needed

I do a fair amount of tiling, still I don't own a wet cutter.

For quick cuts and in spots where the cuts will be covered, I use a regular tile cutter (mark the tile, score and snap). The rodia 50-75 is a nice machine, certainly better than my cutter which can't cut large tiles. Worth the investment.

For precision cuts that will be visible, I borrow an MK wet cutter from a friend. It's portable and does beautiful cuts. It's crucial to have a good blade. I know of the dewalt - it's up to you to decide which one to purchase. Either one will make your work easier.

Re: tiling advice needed

I've owned many types of wet saws over the years from the classic Felker to the Ridgid / Beast and now have a Dewalt 2400000000.

Go with the Dewalt Steve Sprung at Stone Tooling can cut you a decent deal.

MLB Construction
Re: tiling advice needed

thanks for the words of wisdom. does anyone have anything bad to say about the rodia cutter and the dewalt wet saw? those are the two i'm leaning towards. some of the reviews ****** seem a little shady or staged.

Re: tiling advice needed

Never used the rodia myself, really can't say

I am sure there are lots of well vered reviews on the John Bridge Tile forum, just search under 'rodia wet saw'

Re: tiling advice needed

I didn't use it, but the best tile guy I know switched to a DeWalt wet saw and he loves it- says he won't have anything else now.


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