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tile over laminate Pergo-type floor?

Buying a house to renovate - is it posible/practical to install ceramic tile flooring over old Pergo-type laminate floor? Current floor is peeling, but has very little buckling. Thanks!

Re: tile over laminate Pergo-type floor?


Please don't. Your tile will not be very happy.

A proper substrate is a concrete slab or (minimal) 5/8" plywood properly attached to 16"OC joists for ceramic tiles. For natural stone such as travertine, you'll need 2 layers of plywood.

The deflection of your floor must be L360 or greater for ceramic tile and L720 or greater for natural stone.

Re: tile over laminate Pergo-type floor?

absolutely 100% NO. pergo expands and contracts with the heat, cold and humidity changes. those floors are a piece of cake to remove so take it up and let us know what's under it.

Re: tile over laminate Pergo-type floor?

Let's not forget that Pergo is a floating floor. It is not attached to the floor. I can't think of any type of flooring that you would nail, staple or glue over a floating floor. Unfortunately, I have seen a few jobs that did. 'Course, that's why I was there to do an estimate for new flooring. :rolleyes:


Re: tile over laminate Pergo-type floor?

Thanks so much Houston Remodeler, MLBSF, and Jim MCClain, for responding so quickly and for such CLEAR "No's" all around. The flooring is coming up! Appreciating your taking the time to respond. lomalindatexas

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