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tile over hardwood

i have oak hardwood floors in kitchen and would like to go over top with tile can i do this or do i need to rip them up and put new underlayment down?

Re: tile over hardwood

I'm not a contractor so take this as you will. Personally I love hardwood floors so can't see why you would do that. But it's not my house.

I would say to rip it all out, prep the subfloor and tile. The wood will most likely want to move under the tile and create issues down the road.

Other than that, I got nothing.

Best of luck.


Re: tile over hardwood

You would definitely need to rip out the hardwood.

Re: tile over hardwood

Here's one more to convince you --- Yes, you must rip out the floor and put down some kind of sub-floor. If not, you could end up with broken tiles later on.
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Re: tile over hardwood

Yes, no problem, I have done it. You of course need to be sure the structure of the floor is good and you might have to make allowances for the additional floor thickness at cabinets, range and refrigerator and also the transitition to other rooms, but you can do it nicely with some planning. Good Luck!

Re: tile over hardwood

you dont HAVE TOO tear out the hardwood for the tile. you just need to put down subfloor. if the floor is pretty stable with no squeaks, you can just glue and screw 3/8 underlay and tile to that

the only reason to tear out the hardwood wood be for height reasons

Re: tile over hardwood

I would totally stay with the wood. I just ripped out my tile and put down fir. Yeah, not a hardwood, and we love it. Much easier to keep clean than the darn grout. We know it'll ding, but the floor will just take on another look.

Just refinish it and enjoy. THe only thingI don't like about wood is when people try to match up the cabinets with the wood vs. having some contrast. You need the contrast. We have painted maple (cream) with stained fir. We get more comments on that floor.

Going to tile will be a mistake. It's hard, cold, and very difficult to keep the grout clean. I think the trend is back to wood in the kitchen.

Re: tile over hardwood

with most of the houses i work on, if the kitchen is tile matching the tile to the countertop looks nicer, floors matching the cabinets make it all one blur of the same color.

as for keeping the grout clean, simply upgrade to epoxy grout, its water proof and doesnt need to be sealed, even better it wont stain

Re: tile over hardwood

I am putting in some new tile as well..just got all the measurements done and it's definitely going to be more expensive than I first anticipated. I have pets so tile is definitely the way to go.

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