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Tile over enclosed uneven Painted Concrete Floor

moved into older house in North Texas with (unfortunately) red painted concrete floor in the sunroom. The plan is to cover the floor with bluestone slate or similar.
Issues: Painted floor and sunken portion of slab (1 of the 4 quadrants is about 1" low)

The previous homeonwer said this happened shortly after he built the house (40+ years ago) so I suspect the shifting is done. :)

Here's my questions for your guru's... with the painted floor, what can i use to level this concrete? Do i need to grind the paint off first? (I used 3500psi pressure washer and was able to remove some paint, but it seems very secure). Can i just rough up the paint a bit and use some thinset to level out? Maybe even concrete leveler and screw down backerboard. I'm at a loss. Any ideas?

thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Tile over enclosed uneven Painted Concrete Floor

You can’t depend on any adhesion to paint so yes, you have to remove or seriously scuff the surface of the painted surface before applying tile to it.

If you need to level the concrete before applying your tile than you need to level it with a concrete mix of either type 3 mortar/sand or a premix compound with concrete adhesive and, preferably, an adhesive additive. Nothing else will stick to concrete in a reliable manner if your applying ceramic or whatever tile since your essentially bonding concrete to concrete

Re: Tile over enclosed uneven Painted Concrete Floor

KKelly is right, I would not put anything like tile over painted concrete. It just won't stick over the long haul. I'd say you need to remove all of the paint, maybe with a soda, sand or shot blaster. Next get the floor level, then tile.


Re: Tile over enclosed uneven Painted Concrete Floor

Thank you both for the info. I had a flooring person suggest shooting hardibacker into the concrete with a Ramset. Seems like cheap insurance to help minimize tile problems. Does this sound like a decent idea?
thanks again for your help and suggestions.

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