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Tile Countertop

My fiancee and I are cosidering remodeling the kitchen. We do not have aa lot of money, but our countertop is old and ugly. It is not a l shaped countertop. It has 2 45 degree angles and everyone tells me because of nthis it will cost more for formica, let alone stone. We are considering putting ceramic tile. What do you guys (and gals) think aout ceramic tile for a counter top. Any advice is appreciated.

Re: Tile Countertop

I went with porcelain tile because I was concerned about chipping. Ceramic tile only has a color coat on top and when chipped will show white. Porcelain is colored all through. You can get porcelain that looks just like stone and it is pretty inexpensive. Ours looks like tumbled marble. It was pretty easy to install and we finished the edges with wood trim painted white because the trim pieces were extremely expensive, but you could use tile, metal, wood to finish the edges.

Re: Tile Countertop

personally i'm not a big fan of tile countertops, that said, if you are going to go with tile i agree with bgilga1968 using porcelin, also granite tiles are a very good choice. whatever you do decide the advice i have is to use as small a grout line as possible and whatever grout line you do have, make sure it's very well sealed with grout sealer. over time tile countertops, especially the ones with large grout lines get dirty and even smelly occasionally. also, try to pick a very flat tile, like granite, you will quickly regret having a wavy tile with a deep grout line.

Re: Tile Countertop

formica tops would be the cheapest regardless of the shape. tile will probally be the next cheapest but I will say this I have had several customers who had tile for only a few years and disliked them so bad that they call me in to replace them with natural stone. I like stone best because it is a natural product, no problems with hot pots like you would with solid surface or formica. and your options are only limited by your imagination. and with the market the way it is now you probally stand your best chance at getting a good price.

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