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Re: tile bathtub
cluntch wrote:

that is awesome picture of tile bathtub

Yes it is, but you would need a lot of patience, not to mention skill to do this.

Re: tile bathtub

I did a tiled tub years ago. It had a step in it. That one was done with a lead pan. If I remember right there were a couple of seams that had to be soldered.


Re: tile bathtub

You would need a lot of time, effort, and patience when dealing with tile tub like that.

Re: tile bathtub

oo ya my friend, its so simple. there are numerous number of websites available for tilling design go there order some or visit your market to get one of those designs you like the most then hire a mason and get your bath tub furnished by those tiles

Re: tile bathtub

awesome tile of your bathtub...

Re: tile bathtub

I presume that it's the exterior of the tub that's been tiled and that's what you want to replicate?

We did the same using self adhiesive foil which we sourced from a body repair/ spray painter shop. They use the same stuff on vehicles. It takes a while to do though.

We used the bath as a show model for an exhibition but was never installed in someone's home however I am confident that the foil would last a long time (10 years guarantee from the manufacturer).

Baths look amazing when completed with mosaics. If you have the time and the money, there's nothing like it!

Re: tile bathtub

The pic of that mosaic work is absolutely gorgeous. I wish they were able to get a toilet that compliments all that artistic craftsmanship.I once saw some unbelievable workmanship in Italy and Greece in the 80's. Those baths were well over 500 years old and looked to be only a 100 years or so old.

Experience is a lifetime of mistakes, wisdom is not making them again.

Re: tile bathtub

People generally avoid tiles in bathtubs. Though bathroom lover people used to have the tiles all around the bathroom. Always use the tiles which are less slippery and keep them dry.


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