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tile bathtub

I saw a picture of a bathtub that had actually been tilled. if anyone knows how to do this, I would sure like to try it. Thanks:)

Re: tile bathtub

I'd like to see it.

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Re: tile bathtub

i saw one also once, forget if it was in a magazine or tv or ******. i remember it looked pretty cool and it was very rectangular in shape. didn't look very comfortable....if you do find a pic of it i would love to see it again.

Re: tile bathtub

The usual problem is the drain. Wedi (I think) makes a roman tub ready to be tiled.

Re: tile bathtub

When I lived in Japan, this was the most common type of tub. I don't know how they did it but it is probably the same as tiling in a pool. It takes special materials.

Re: tile bathtub

The Roman tub was a feature as far back as I can remember of certain higher-end homes. The old school method was either a metal (copper) pan or a hot-mopped asphalt liner. Either waterproofing scheme then received a full mud bed. No more leak prone than a tile shower of 100 years ago.

Re: tile bathtub

I have seen one ceramic tiles around a bathtub that give bathroom with aesthetic appeal. Tiles with modified, unique surfaces create a great texture around the bathtub that is unexpected.

Re: tile bathtub

dont have much idea regarding this but it looks pretty cool as tile on bath tub as in roman civilization it was being used as well if you wanna have this you must contact your nearest designer for this

Re: tile bathtub

Would love to see the photo of that tub, I've a thing for tile and mosaic and I think this photo is perfect for that.

Re: tile bathtub

that is awesome picture of tile bathtub

Re: tile bathtub


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