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Tile Backer Board

I'm going to tile two bathrooms and its time to install the backer board to the floor. I know cement board is recommended however I have access to some free USG Securock Glass-matt roof board. The manufacture does not recommend it as a tile backer board but I'm wondering if it would work anyway?

The internet is not offering much advice as to why it would not be recommended so I figured I'd get some opinions here. Thanks!

Re: Tile Backer Board

Try The John Bridge Tile forum - which is recommended here a lot to people doing tile projects:)

Re: Tile Backer Board

It probably would work, but considering the effort, time and money to renovate and install the tile, are you willing to save a few bucks only to find out in a year or two that it doesn't.

The backer board will only be a small percentage of the total project.

It's always tough to not use free stuff, but don't let a free tail wag the dog.

Re: Tile Backer Board

Use the free boards for what they were intended, not for sub flooring.

Re: Tile Backer Board

What they said.

Ceement board is installed with a layer of thinset below then secured with the proper fasteners (not drywall screws) as prescribed the the manufacturer of the particular board you purchase. 1/2" ceement board does nothing more for the floor than 1/4" than make the tile higher in the air.

Re: Tile Backer Board

Thanks for the advice all! I might as well get the right stuff since I'm only going to do this once. It would be nice to use the free stuff but who knows how it will hold up in the long run. Now I just need to get rid of the five sheets of the glass mat board.

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