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Allen & Judy
Tighten up Shower Head

I have an old porcelain shower head. The male threaded part is loose. How do I tighten it so it wont leak?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Tighten up Shower Head

I dont know --maybe epoxy ???just thought Id keep this moving!!:eek:

Allen & Judy
Re: Tighten up Shower Head

Took the plunge and decided to try and take the Head apart.
If anyone is interested I can post pictures and discuss the procedure. There are a few things to watch out for.
But was able to get it taken apart, cleaned up and made a new gasket. Now Shower Head is tight again.

Re: Tighten up Shower Head

Hello, good job! If ever loose again or need a little better seal this is what Teflon pipe tape is for. This not only helps you get a tighter seal it also seals itself. Job well done. Have a good day.;)GregC

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