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Threshold Rotting

I have a exterior door that has an aluminum threshold. Between the aluminum piece and the concrete slab is completely rotted out. I now have a gap that recently allowed a snake into our home, much to the dismay of my wife. Is there a fix that I can do, or should I hire a contractor to do it.

Re: Threshold Rotting

My front door's threshold is in poor shape. The threshold itself is ok, it's the wood underneath behind the aluminum. I am not sure how to replace.

Re: Threshold Rotting

Well, for the threshhold that is sitting on concrete and letting snakes into the house, I'd try to take the old one out. There shouldn't be anything that is rotting out. Concrete and aluminum don't rot.

If you can get it out, just buy a new one and get your hacksaw and drill out. Cut it to size, put a bed of caulk down where the threshhold meets the concrete and screw it back down to the concrete. You'd better drill new holes in the concrete as it sounds like the old ones have gotten sloppy and loose. Use lead anchors if you can, so they won't rot out or tear up like wood or plastic anchors.

If you can't get the old one out, go to HD and see if you can find some self tapping concrete screws that will work for you. You can drill right through the old threshhold and screw it back down in the center. The screws need a pilot hole but they'll just tap themselves right into the concrete.

It'll hold for a long time. You may have to figure a way to countersink the hole in the aluminum to keep it from hitting the bottom of the door.

Good Luck.

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