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a three basin basement sink

I cannot get anything posted. I have tried different areas, I registered but nothing is being accepted. You are my last hope.

I have a three basin basement sink that is cast iron and cement. It is very heavy maybe 800 lbs or more.I am not sure. The stand it was on has deteriorated. How do I get this out of the basement intack. I would like to use it in the back yard for flowers or vegetables. Any ideas on how to do this? solutions? I tried to insert an image but could not. The sink is six feet by two feet, each section is two feet. HELP!!!!


MLB Construction
Re: a three basin basement sink

once you get the plumbing disconnected the only advice i can give you is to either call every strong friend you have or call a contractor or plumber and hire them to move it for you

Re: a three basin basement sink

While 800 lbs seems a bit much even 300 or 400 lbs will require some strong backs. Dollies or hand trucks of appropriate capacity will help.

A. Spruce
Re: a three basin basement sink

As was offered, once it's disconnected, all that's left is the need for several strong backs to get it out. If you don't have family or friends that can do it, then you'll have to hire a moving company or maybe a couple burly looking chaps from the home depot parking lot, this would not be my first choice, however.

Re: a three basin basement sink

Rent a refrigerator dolly at any tool rental. You may still needs some help. Jack

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