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Thought I had a leaky window...

Before buying our house, a leaky 1st floor window found during the home inspection was supposed to have been fixed. Come to find out, it wasn't and we just spent ~$3k to replace it. Trim hasn't been put back up yet and after several rains I thought the problem was solved. BUT, after strong storm went through tonight, I noticed it was STILL leaking.

This time I was able to see that the water was coming from somewhere above window between exterior wall and header. Window was properly flashed and taped, so I have no idea where water could be coming from. There's a 2nd story with a window directly above this one, but I'm still stumped as to how or where water was getting behind flashing. PLEASE HELP! I'm just sick thinking about how much more this might cost me, especially for something that was supposed to have been fixed before we moved in! I also want to make sure that my daughters and future son are being raised in a healthy environment.

I tried uploading some pics but am having some issues. I'll keep trying in case that would help.

Re: Thought I had a leaky window...

Having leaky or drafty windows can reduce your heating efficiency by up to 25 percent. Sealing them is a simple chore which would help eliminate cold spots.Test for leaks on a windy day or on days when there is a difference in the indoor and outdoor temperature. It could be a visual inspection, checking for loose windows, smoke test. The infrared thermometer would help you detect air leaks.

Few easy fixes for leaks are rope caulk, V-seal weatherstripping, shrink film, nail polish or simply replacing loose or missing glazing. These tips would work only if the window is not severely damaged. Worn out, rusted ones should be replaced. As said in this article the common causes of window leak could be worn out putty, window shrinkage, worn-out stripping https://www.clerawindows.com/blog/what-can-you-do-if-your-windows-are-leaking/.

If your windows are leaking, first determine what caused this leak. This understanding would help us out a stop to the issue revisiting us in the future.

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