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thinset mortar advice

I've read countless opinions on the web regarding "custom blend" mortar sold at Home Depot. Is there anyone who tiles for a living that give me advice on why folks seem to constantly bash this companies product if indeed it meets ANSI 118.1...? I see more opinions and less real life experiences with it or examples of failures with an installation that would warrant such negativity.


Re: thinset mortar advice

i do alot of tiling and on flooring and shower tiling i do not like to use the premixed thinsets mainly because they take a long time to completely dry as compared to the ones you mix yourself. when installing floor tiles i've had many experiences with the premixed ones not drying completely after several weeks. i've removed tiles that were put down 1-3 weeks earlier and found that the thinset under the middle of the tile, espscially the larger ones 8" or bigger, is still soft and wet. they appear to be set fine but the grout cracks and i have often gone back a month later to regrout. for wall tiles which don't get stepped on, it's fine to use but i don't prefer it in showers just because i'm concerned that the dampness makes it take even longer to dry the thinset out.

Re: thinset mortar advice

thanks for getting back, but it's not premixed. Comes in 50lb bag, I attached link if it works.


Re: thinset mortar advice

I never use custom blend ..I always Flex-Bond,same company


It is good and I have never had any callbacks..

any other questions please LMK


Ron remodeler
Re: thinset mortar advice

I think Home depot will tell you that flex bond is slightly more forgiving product, but both are adequate for solid conditions. i prefer, flex bond for no other reason but the implication of its name and I like the feel when working with it.

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