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thicker and wider baseboard molding

We just put in hardwood where carpet, tile and vinyl were once installed and I removed all the baseboard moldings before putting in the hardwood. Now the problem is that in some rooms (like where the tile was) the standard 4.5" base molding like the one I removed falls below the original installation. In other rooms, even though it is the same or higher, there are quite a few spots where the drywall paper ripped when removing it.

Also, I want to avoid using base shoe molding for a cleaner look, so I am looking for something thicker than the usual 15/32 or 9/16 inch think molding you can get a home depot. The idea is to cover the ends of the hardwood without leaving any gaps and without using quater-round or shoe molding.

Finally, even though the house is a colonial, we want something simple without a lot of details.

Does anyone have any ideas on where to get wider and thicker base molding. We live in Maryland, but I am open to mail order too.

Thanks for your help.

Re: thicker and wider baseboard molding

You might consider this-
Nail up ½ or ¼ inch by 5" plywood, then install standard 1 X 6 over plywood, then add a cap.

All can be purchased at any limber yard including HD. You can even buy the cap with a rounded edge.

Re: thicker and wider baseboard molding

Good idea, nice and easy to do.

Re: thicker and wider baseboard molding

An easier solution would be to just use the 1X6 baseboards with a base-cap molding on top- that's 3/4 inch all by itself and no filler behind it is needed ;) Most of the fine homes I trim do something like this from the start. It fits well with the Colonial style and is traditional in most older homes.I too like the look of not using shoe molding- that's a far cleaner look to me :D Besides, it never covers gaps where it ends at door frames unless the flooring was run far enough under the casing which often it is not. Repair the drywall first where the paper was torn, and next time use a utility knife to cut the caulking wherever you remove moldings to prevent that from happening :cool:


Re: thicker and wider baseboard molding

Thank you for the suggestion. I will look for the 1x6 w/ basecap.

BTW, I did use a utility knife to remove the old moldings :) But, despite my best efforts there were still some places that tore up... plus it doesn't help to have an inattentive 15 year old helping who doesn't stop :) Having said that, I'm happy to repair the tears he caused because I could not have done the whole reno without him!


Re: thicker and wider baseboard molding

I should have checked before posting my last post, but I can't find "1X6 baseboards with a base-cap molding on top- that's 3/4 inch all by itself" except in cabinet maker lines... and that stuff is like $10 a foot! Can you point me to a place that carries pre-primed pine base that is 3/4 inch thick?

Re: thicker and wider baseboard molding


Thanks for the idea. I have been pondering the solution to that same problem in my 100 year old house remodel. I preserved the old mop board trim, but it needs to be cut down from 7" and also needs to extend out farther from the new walls now that the old plaster and lathe has been replaced with drywall. Your idea of using a 1 x 6 should work perfectly for the same reasons you mentioned. I am wondering what kind of base-cap molding you would recommend for the 1 x 6. I plan to use a Freud molding bit with either pattern #163 or #166 on the original wood. Would you recommend just a round over for the spacer board, or something else? I have been trying to avoid having a shoe molding for the same reasons listed.



Ernest T
Re: thicker and wider baseboard molding

I made baseboard out of 1X8 MDF and topped it with small flat bull nose and cove. I also used a shoe mold, but if your floor is flat or it's going where there's carpet it'll work without it. It was inexpensive and looked good.

Re: thicker and wider baseboard molding

That sounds like a great idea, do you mind posting a pic, I would love to see what it looks like using the MDF. Thanks.

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