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They're taking over my yard.

My back yard and those of my neighbors is being invaded by 2 previously unthought of plants. Bamboo and Venus flytraps. The flytraps are ok as they only spread behind the shed and have pretty white flowers this time of year. The bamboo on the other hand is impossible to get rid of. I chop them off below ground and pull up as many roots as possible. Next day there's new shoots in a different spot.
Besides replacing all the soil and digging up the roots, anybody know how to get rid of bamboo shoots?

Re: They're taking over my yard.

I would try chopping off the bamboo stalks near the ground and thoroughly coating the cut ends with Roundup. Leave the roots. But be careful; Roundup will kill anything you accidentally spill on. Sounds like you're already getting pretty interactive as far as digging up roots, so hopefully there's not plants you're trying to keep that are interspered in the bamboo.

Also, if the bamboo coming from a neighbor's yard, there's no way your ever going to keep it out permanently without some cooperation from next door. Try keeping a bamboo-free border on the other side of your property line.

Re: They're taking over my yard.

I've been contemplating planting some bamboo in the woods behind my house for a quick-growing visual screen. How tall does it grow? Will it serve my purpose (I don't want to be able to see the house on the other end of the woods)?

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