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Thermal Cameras?

This is sort of a general insulation question.

We just moved into a new ranch home built in the very late 70's. The house has really bad windows and doors and we have new windows on order which should be here any week.

When you go from room to room it feels colder in some rooms and I'm thinking there's some air infiltration coming in from all over. After I get my new windows I would like to rent a thermal camera and see where I'm leaking.

Can the average home owner rent these? I live in SE Wisconsin.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Thermal Cameras?

You might be able to find a place to rent them, but they are not like looking at a standard photo. It takes a little training to know exactly what you may be looking at. The bigger the temperature difference between inside and out, the better information they will give you. Using them inside the home can be more effective than outside, since certain sidings or multiple siding can give false results, and sunlight washes away the true image very quickly, even on a somewhat cloudy day. If you're unsure or can't find one, just drill test holes inside or out, see if cavities are empty, then plug the holes. It took me a few months and a couple classes to get to know what I was looking at through a thermal imaging camera, but used properly, they are a valuable tool that will also pinpoint air leakage, water leakage, or potential electrical problems.

Re: Thermal Cameras?

I was going to say that it takes a little more than just capturing and viewing to understand what those images mean. I would see if someone in your area actually supplies this service instead of just the camera.

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