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Re: There's an apple in my toilet

I have a possum that visits my deck a couple of nights a week . I'm sure he'll volunteer his services .

Re: There's an apple in my toilet

Roto-Ratter at your service. :D

Hey, this thread reminds me of one a while back. Specifically, the one in which the lady had flushed a whole cooked chicken down her neighbor's toilet. Yikes!

Re: There's an apple in my toilet


If your possums are as big as the ones hereabouts...unfortunately, it won't fit up the toilet trap. No way, Jose.

I'm afraid you'll just have to continue feeding the critter on your deck. :D


The answer to the question of how long it will take an apple to rot enough to get it down the toilet is.....drum roll.....3 weeks.

I appreciate all of the suggestions everyone gave. I tried the toilet snake. I tried and tried that. It did't seem to work. My mom tried and later my husband tried. No luck. I didn't have a shop vac so I didn't try that one. I tried the chemicals--bleach, Drano...to no avail. So, I waited, hoping it would rot. Every once in a while I would go back and try the snake again but with no luck. Finally, about 3 weeks later I went back in with the snake and poked it really hard and I saw little pieces of apple come up. The water finally drained from the bowl when I did that. I got all excited and plunged and plunged. It went down and the toilet works fine now. Yeah!! So, for future reference Granny Smith apples take 3 weeks to rot enough to go down. ;)

Re: There's an apple in my toilet

Good deal and thank you for the feedback.

Now we all have another piece of info, too. :)

Re: There's an apple in my toilet

Go buy a closet auger. And snag/ beat the apple out. It will be a good investment with that kid of yours.:D

Re: There's an apple in my toilet

Well, bleach will dissolve a black widow spider, will probably dissolve an apple just fine - but let us know how the experiment in a bucket works before you use it in your toilet....

Why wouldn't a thing with those chopper blades on the end work? Would it make too much problem? (You know, the kind they use to clean the roots out of a line.)

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Re: There's an apple in my toilet

I agree the sodium hypochlorite will work as it dissolves organic material. You might be able to find a stronger solution of it if you go to a commercial cleaning type outlet as opposed to what you would find in the supermarket.

Re: There's an apple in my toilet

If the apple is lodged in the trap in a position that leaves it out of sight....... how ya gonna keep the bleach (or any other solution) in contact with it?

Grab a rat (the furry kind) and let it eat the apple outta there. :D

Re: There's an apple in my toilet

Since you said the house was new in 2004, I expect there is a cleanout very close to the closet flange and or vent. Looks like its time for a trip to the basement/crawlspace. I'd rent a true plumbing auger (the 50' kind wrapped on a reel) & buy those rubber gloves that go past the elbows before digging in.


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