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Is there a checklist of some sort?

Hi again!

We've had my husband's grandparents' old house inspected. Everything pretty much needs ripping out, which I suspected, from the roof all the way down to the subfloor. The house, we found out, was built in 1946 & has stone walls -- right now, the outside walls are the only things that aren't gonna have to be replaced. The roof is over 20 years old, the floors under the bathroom & kitchen are collapsing, the plumbing & electrical are ancient so we're looking at a whole-house renovation.

That said, here's my question -- is there a checklist out there that gives you a list of what needs to be done & in what order? For instance, should we rip the roof off first or tear out the interior walls first? That sort of thing. :confused:

We just want to make sure everything gets done in the proper order so we don't have some costly mistakes down the line. We're already looking at roughly $40,000 just to update the basics (new roof, new walls, new subfloors & floors, windows, electrical, plumbing, back porch, etc).

Thanks again for your advice!

Re: Is there a checklist of some sort?

generally things are build from the ground up but I would suggest that you start with the roof. There's no sense doing any work inside if there's a chance that all your hard work will get damaged by leaks.

In my opinion:
supporting walls
foundation & floor joists since you're going to be down there
exterior work
interior work.

Re: Is there a checklist of some sort?

Thanks for the advice!

Here's what all we're looking at updating/replacing:
1. Roof (completely replace)
2. Floors, including subfloors & supports (they're rotten)
3. New walls (hopefully removing a few for more room)
4. New windows (old ones are rotten due to water damage)
5. All new electrical
6. All new plumbing (lines & fixtures)
7. Complete the 2nd floor (currently an unfinished attic)
8. New front & back porches

We also need to add insulation (it gets cold in north GA in the winter), figure out how to add heat (no fireplace & only gas space heaters), and landscape (the landscaping I can handle -- I've got plenty of experience in that).

Should we start by ripping the roof off & gutting the interior to the outside rock walls? Right now they (the outside walls) are looking like the only things we won't replace.

Thanks again!

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