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T&G porch - design issues

We have a new porch attached to our new house. The porch is in the front of the house, covered, spanning 3/4 of the length of the house (6' by 35'). The porch floor is at issue. It was contructed using 1/6 t&g untreated pine laying parallel to the house on top of treated 1 inch plywood. It is stained and poly'ed. The floor joists are untreated 2 by 10s perpendicular to the house, 16 inches apart. The crawl space under the porch is enclosed by brick with a standard basement vent on either end:(.

The porch floor, only 6 weeks after installation, started buckling badly. The contractor nailed the boards down 3 times so far. 7 months later, now the front board is pushed completely off the front end, the boards are warped, cracked and the poly is coming off.

We wanted a "Charleston" look for the porch. Wood tongue and groove (similar to inside hardwood flooring), painted, of course. Can we get the look we want? We due not have the funds to use Tendura or other composites, looks good though. We do not like the deck look as the contractor wants. Can we use t&g wood planks? Suggestions on design?
Many thanks....

Re: T&G porch - design issues

Well sorry to tell you the contractor should never had used un-treated to begin with. The plywood under the tongue and groove is what's causing you to have the warped boards. You probably would have been ok with the un-treated t&g if you would have primed and painted the deck. What's happened is that the rain water has seeped through the joints and warped the plywood below.
Plywoods good if your going to shingle the roof or lay it as sub-floor in the interior of the house. Outside with no protection from the water the layers just un-seem. Take the deck boards off gently and remove the plywood. Hopefully you'll be able to re-use them and remember to prime them 1st or the paint will just seep right in to them like water.
Goodluck to you. Wilddecks

Re: T&G porch - design issues

Your replies are appreciated.
Over the past 5 months, the contractor has tried to nail the buckling boards down to the treated ply wood. This has caused other boards to, of course, buckle. With the weather change (it is now raining in Atlanta these days) it has completely come apart.

We will be meeting with the contractor shortly to discuss redesign options.

Quick questions.
1. The floor joists are untreated. Regardless of which way we go (decking or the t&g), we must require him to replace that system with treated lumber, correct? (porch is 35 by 6, with 16" separated joists)

2. He has pushed back in the past due to his installation of 1" treated plywood under the flooring for support. The joists under the porch have actually rarely been completely dry. Air flow exists but is low. I would assume he needs to take out the plywood.

3. Lastly, I know the wood t&g will be a maintenance problem but it could be the only option we have at this point in time. Can a viable floor system be put in with 3 1/2 t&g with a slight angle away from the house with decking boards underneath for support (similar to a Charleston, SC-low country porch)? Or should we find a way to pony up the extra cash for composite?

Many thanks for your thoughts. The conversation with the contractor will be interesting.

Re: T&G porch - design issues

I would assume this was done with a contractor that has a Licenses with your city. Was it inspected? Tell him you will call the inspection department as it is not to code. If he is a
legitimate contractor I would assume he will fix it free of charge. Or take the chance of losing his license.

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