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Termite & Moisture problem

My 2 story house front side of the house faces East and has 1,000 sq foot on the first floor.

- The house has a crawl space.
A. Crawl space is approx. 3' tall.
B. The dirt floor of crawl space is covered with plastic.
C. The Crawl space has 2 vents on the North wall; 3 vents on the West wall; 2 vents on the South wall connected to the attached garage.

1. Orkin came out and stated I have a moisture problem that is attracting the termites.

2. Also have termites present but at this time shows no damage that is apparent at this time.

- For the moisture problem, I plan on following the This Old House techniques on how to eliminate the moisture in the crawl space. But since I already have 7 vents installed for the crawl space would I still need to have more added?. The moisture does not seem to be from rain runoff since there is no signs of leaking and it has'nt rained in a while.

1. I have heard that 20 mule team borax could be used to treat and kill termites. Can anyone tell me how to use 20 mule team borax for this purpose?

2. How do I mix the powder form to distribute around the house perimeter outside and inside the crawl space?

3. Do I need to dig a trench around the perimeter and sprinkle the power into the trenchs then cover? If so, how deep does the trench need to be?

4. Can the 20 mule team borax be mixed with water and sprayed under the crawl space on the exposed wood? If so, what would be an effective mixture?

5. Is there anymore recomendations on how to distribute the 20 mule team borax?

Thanks for any help


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