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termite damage

I had written about a year ago that I thought we had termites or dirt daubers in our den behind the wall. We have taken down the paneling and the sheetrock has some kind of damage. It looks like the ant farms in the glass cases that you hold up and look at the sides. We know we will have to replace the sheetrock in 2 places. We will have to tear that out to see what is happening with the framing. We also took down the false beams that were popular in the 80s. After that, then what? Can we sheetrock over the poporn ceiling? Our house was built in 1983 so no asbestos. They had paneled behind the window frames so those and the door frames had to come off. It has been a job but where do we go from here? Thanks for your help.

Timothy Miller
Re: termite damage

Howdy first have a pest company come and treat the areas to be rid of the pests. Once the area exposed have a contractor come and tell you what needs to be done to repair the framing. The damage can be quite extensive or minor but need to determine which. Once the wood is repaired then you can re drywall the walls and ceiling or re panel etc.

A. Spruce
Re: termite damage

First, you need to make sure that the pests are gone or you'll be right back at this in a short period of time. A pest company will be the easiest means of eradication. I would choose one that does repair work as well because in my experience they are more honest about the problem and aren't just trying to sell their chemical application and service contracts.

Second, the extent of the damage needs to be assessed, along with your ability to do the work. It's going to be faster and easier if you hire the work done, however from your description it sounds like something that a person with good home repair abilities could handle with relative ease.

Third, acoustic texture on ceilings can be scraped off. It's a messy job, but not nearly as messy nor hard as resheetrocking. All you have to do is lightly wet the texture and it will soften and scrape right off. If it's been painted, scrape the texture a little first to knock the tops off the bumps so that moisture can penetrate. I use a clean, dedicated (water only ) pump sprayer filled with water to mist the texture and a combination of a 6" drywall knife and a long handled floor scraper like this. I also tend to sharpen the floor scraper with a belt sander to help get under the texture.

Sprayers - half gallon and one gallon size.

A. Spruce
Re: termite damage

(Quoted from a duplicate thread )

sunshine44 wrote:

Look at my picture.

It's possible that the critters were only between the drywall and the paneling, though it is doubtful. I would recommend removing the drywall from this wall to inspect the interior and repair any damage found. If you're on a raised foundation, go under the house and remove any mud tubes you find, as this is what termites use to get from the ground where they live, into the structure where they eat. While you're under there, remove any and all wood and cellulose debris which is an attractant to termites.

You will have to treat the ground with something, whether you hire a pest company or purchase something from the hardware store, to kill the termites and prevent them from returning. If you're not into chemicals, there are some things less toxic than commercial pesticides that will work. Don't quote me, but I believe that boric acid is one such substance..

Re: termite damage

Sorry, I couldn't figure out the thread to put it on. We are taking out the old sheetrock today. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the responses.

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