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A. Spruce
Re: Term refering to windows (8 over 1 and 6 over 1)
Mastercarpentry wrote:

BTW while this thread is hot, how many of you guys prefer the "glazing in a caulking tube" over the "DAP 33" type glazing compounds? I was thinking of that yesterday while I was installing several panes of glass during a light but utterly cold rain :p The tube stuff would have been much faster but I'm old fashioned.


I prefer to use silicone . . . :p

I've used both the can and tube style glazing compounds. The can is much messier to work with, but it gets smashed into the nooks and crannies better, which in turn, is a better finished product. You've just got really smudge and smeared windows when you're done.

The tube style is MUCH easier to apply, much cleaner, but tends to pull, rather than leaving a nice clean bead. I've always followed behind with a putty knife to press it into place a bit better and to smooth it out. It doesn't leave much of a mess behind on the glass when you're done either. With enough practice, the pulling issue will probably cease.


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