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Temporary fix for cracked window?

Hi, I'm new here.

I was wondering if anyone can help.. I woke up and found the bathroom window has cracked across the middle (no idea how it happened!).. Unfortunately, I can't afford to replace it just yet (and we're redoing the bathroom soon, so it seems kind of pointless to spend money replacing it!).
Our bathroom does have a really bad condensation problem whenever you shower or bath, so I'm not sure that temporary double glazing plastic you can get would stick. Any suggestions of a way to temporarily fix?
Oh and it's not double glazed or anything, just a large single pane.


Re: Temporary fix for cracked window?

Duct tape? or you could try and replace the glass yourself, single pane glass is'nt that expensive.

Re: Temporary fix for cracked window?

i was going to say hot glue, but something like clear contact paper would make sure it doesn't break & fall out.
Search for a post a few days ago about reglazing windows.

Re: Temporary fix for cracked window?

I agree with above....contac paper will keep it in place (even if it does crack more thru the winter) then wait for spring & re-glaze.

I have a crack in one that I JUST reglazed. Needed one more coat of paint & then back in. Looks like I'll be doing the same thing for now :(

Re: Temporary fix for cracked window?

Thanks for all the input!

I've used duct tape (I thought it wouldn't stay stuck but so far, so good) until I can go and pick up some contact paper. Fingers crossed it'll last through the winter.

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