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Temperature Differential Between Floors

We have 1600 sq ft two story tract home. The forced air HVAC system (Carrier) was new in 1994. We have always had a problem with the temperature differential between upstairs and downstairs being somewhere between 5 to 10 degrees. At first we closed the HVAC vents upstairs or downstairs depending on the time of year. Then we put in ceiling fans, that helped some, but we really need a way to pump the trapped hot air from the second floor to the first floor in the winter and the opposite in the summer. Short of replacing the entire heating system is there any simple way to resolve this. I was thinking of trying to put in a duct between floors with low speed fans, but I am sure there would be a fire code restriction. Any ideas?? If we resolve this in my home there are several in he neighborhood that have the same issue.

Re: Temperature Differential Between Floors

Where is the air return? Floor/ceiling of 1st/2nd story?

Re: Temperature Differential Between Floors

I have a similar problem. My solution was to buy magnetic vent covers and install them over the RETURN AIR vents. This winter I am covering the ducts near the ceiling, so cooler air from the floor will be sucked into the furnace for heating. This summer I will cover the ducts near the floor, so only the warmer air from the ceiling will get sucked in for cooling.

It seemed like a good idea. Now I am wondering if covering half of the air return ducts is going to put a strain on the blower motor. Any thoughts? :confused: Thanks in advance for any comments.

Re: Temperature Differential Between Floors

I guess this was really my issue when I posted in another blog on this site.

We too have a differential in temperatures between first and second floor. Too cold upstairs in the summer when we turn on the AC as we try to cool the downstairs. And vice versa.

It would be interested to see helpful hints.


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