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Temp Valve addon for Shower Head

On one show Rich added a valve to the shower head that would turn off the water when it reached the proper temperature. What is this valve called and where can I find it?

Re: Temp Valve addon for Shower Head

I have never heard of a valve that will shut the water off due to temperature for a shower.

What you may be thinking of is a thermostatic valve which moderates the temperature of the water to the setting you desire. These valves often have temperature number written on them, and an over-ride for those of us who like to have their skin burned off in the shower. The thermostatic valve is normally left in one position and not moved until your beloved gets in the shower and changes it just like they change the car seat and rear view mirror without putting them back. But I digress...

Added to a thermostatic valve is a diverter which only turns the water on and off. You can add another diverter which send the water from the thermostatic valve to your shower head and/or body sprays and/or hand held wand ....

Re: Temp Valve addon for Shower Head

No...This one stopped the water flow and then you pulled a cord to start the flow again. It was suggested as a water saver. We all turn the water on first thing and then wait until the temp is right. But we don't get in the shower right away and we wast water. That is what this valve did. It stopped the flow when the temp is right..about 110.

Re: Temp Valve addon for Shower Head

I think you are talking about a shower temperature control shut off valve.

WATTS makes such a valve, WHT115, that you can install on the shower head arm. It doesn't completely shut off the water, merely reduces the flow to a minimum.

Re: Temp Valve addon for Shower Head

A thermostatic temperature control shower valve that works on micro controller allows the water flow of optimal temperature level (that you decide upon and preset according to your own determinations) but also helps you to avoid dangerous scalds.

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