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Tell us all about your remodel regrets

Really wish you hadn't? Tell us your remodeling regrets for a chance to appear in July’s Reader Created Issue

Re: Tell us all about your remodel regrets

I've renovated quite a few houses and don't have many regrets. However...

1. I overhauled a quaint cottage once and regret not popping in shed dormers. This would have created some valuable space on the 2nd floor where the bedrooms were, made it more feasible to have a shower up top, and allowed for bigger windows (and w/ that more natural light).

2. The second regret I have is when I accepted an offer from a friend/neighbor to help with one of my scopes of work I was totally unqualified to do myself. We're still friends, but it was so hard to get his part of the project done because he was 'helping' me. To him it was a favor. To me, I was accepting his offer to help because I really needed it. However, he had a family and plenty of things to do and it made some basic/routine things inefficient and cumbersome as I progressed through my project and asked him for the periodic aid I needed. Since then, I have always hired a contractor for scopes like this and if they don't perform and make progress I can move on to the next guy. It's hard to push or fire someone that's doing you a favor, especially when you know his wife, children, and family and they're all friends. All things considered, having this help did not save or cost me any money. It was a wash and I would have preferred going another way.

3. I regret not renovating a carport into a garage at the beginning of one project. The value of space to work from or for staging material and equipment in is immeasurable. If you have it, you will likely take it for granted and if you don't have it, you'll wish you did.

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