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tea colored water

When i fill my bathtub with hot water it comes out a tea like color.I was wondering what this could be? Also if anyone could suggest a fix for this problem?

Anyhelp would be great

Re: tea colored water

Kinda sounds like a fairly common problem - iron content in your water supply. (although other contaminats couls also cause this same type of color)

City water or private well?

Does the house have old galvanized plumbing lines?

Any staining in your sinks,etc? Is the inside of your toilet tank also discolored?...or is this problem isolated to only the bathtub?

Any "grit" accompanying the color when you first run the water? If not, have you tried leaving the water sit in the tub overnight to see if grit is then present? If so, this would indicate that iron is present in the form of ferrous iron (iron in solution) when you first run the water and then after being exposed to the air.....the ferrous is converted to ferric iron (iron in the precipitate form).

Re: tea colored water

if the problem is limited to only the bathtub check to see if a previous DIYer has accidentally added black iron pipes or fittings leading to the tub hot water.

Desperate in Ne...
Re: tea colored water

Your Hot water tank may be dirty. i saw online (TOH) where a pump was used to flush out the water in the hot water tank and new on was flushed back in

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