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tar paper odor

My question: Before laying a wood floor in a bedroom we stapled down new tar paper, then stopped because it gave off such a bad odor. (2 days) Will this odor go away or should I rip it up and replace it with something else? Any advice? Thanks.

Re: tar paper odor

Yep ... it will linger indoors for awhile.

You can remove it ... you don't really need anything under the hardwood if it's being attached to a wood sub-floor... though for some it's preferred to have some membrane. Generally rosin paper is used .... it's more of a surface for the wood to slide on while putting into place and allowing the expansion and contraction afterward.:)

Re: tar paper odor

I'm so sensitive to that odor I would pay extra to put something else down but that's just my opinion.

There are so many other options designed to go under flooring now, find something else.

Re: tar paper odor
jkirk wrote:

by rosin paper u mean the brown paper on a 3 ft roll canuk?
i call it craftpaper for some reason. kinda waxed,

a local resteraunt uses it for table clothe which kids can draw on as well

Yep ... the old time stuff
I think the folks down south of the border still use it.:D

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