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tankless water heater heat disruption

We had a standard water heater tank for 20 years. I went to the home improvement store and bought a tankless. It sat for a little while. When it came time to do the job I hired a pro to install it. It's great that we never run out of hot water once it gets going. But now we can't use hot water for more than one tap at a time with out disrupting the heat. And it doesn't seem to matter if you turn cold or hot with the second source, it still unterupts the hot from the first.
So when someone is in the shower, no one else can even brush their teeth. Not to mention the laundry or the dishes. The only thing we can do is flush the toilet. We don't lose pressure, just temperature.
Do we have to install something on the shower tap, or something on the heater, or something on the other taps? How can I make it so that we can use more than one tap at a time without interupting the heat flow of another.

Re: tankless water heater heat disruption

Well since you got a pro to install the unit for you I commend you for that! However you should have had the pro size and purchase the unit for you! Any time you buy something from a home store for a better price you ALWAYS give up some kind of quality! That is why when a professional orders a part for a customer he has to mark up the part in case the part will not perform properly! I’m sure from your description that you will need a larger unit if not a double unit to fit your home! Good luck you might want to get in contact with a plumbing professional from your area and have him asses the situation!

Re: tankless water heater heat disruption

We also went tankless. It has been a couple of years now and it is working fine. BUT, we did have the same problem at the end of the second year. We had the dealer in, he checked, and the unit needed to be cleaned (we use well water). Took him about 15 minutes to take care of it. After that my husband installed a filter on the water line before it goes to the heater. It has an easy clean out valve and everything is running fine. We can run the shower, fill the washing machine, and do dishes all at the same time. We will still check the filter inside the heater each year. Hope that helps.

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