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Tankless Hot Water Heater

We had a tankless Rennai hot water heater installed on an exterior wall of the house about two years ago. The unit is located diagonally opposite to where the original tank hot water heater was in the garage. Apparently, due to the length of run the hot water has to travel, we now have luke warm water to use for showers, kitchen and laundry. Even though the temperature is set to 125 degrees F we still have to run excess water to get it hot enough to use. We are looking for solutions to improve the situation.

Re: Tankless Hot Water Heater

Go to the closest fixture to the garage. Is the water hotter in this fixture than the remote fixtures?

Re: Tankless Hot Water Heater

are you getting crossover anywhere?

Re: Tankless Hot Water Heater

Let me picture this, the original hot water heater was in the garage, but against the partition wall between the garage and the house. The new water heater is installed against the exterior wall of the garage, probably to save costs to install because of the extra gas line needed.

You now have a section of hot water pipe going through an unheated space. Have you insulated this pipe?

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