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Tankless (electric) water heater

I bought a house thats 40 years old. Ive replaced almost everything except the water heater. The one we have now is on the verge of going and I was looking into a tankless unit. I would like to hear any info from any certified plumber as to what unit is American made? and What r the better units to buy? any info would be greatly appreciated

Re: Tankless (electric) water heater

What type of heater electric or gas? If it's electric they require 60amps and most homes do not have a service large enough to handle them with out upgrading. Also with electric, to produce water hot enough for most needs they have to restrict the volume of water through the heater. If your thinking about gas be aware that the newer clothes & dishwashers don't use enough volume of water to activate the unit to fire.


Re: Tankless (electric) water heater

Also , consider you will likely need to upgrade your gas supply.

Re: Tankless (electric) water heater

Go outside and look at the transformer on the pole feeding your house. If there is a 15 near the bottom under the low voltage bushings, you won't have enough ***** to run the water heater and anything else in your house too. A typical residential transformer is a 15 kVA that provides up to 62.5 amps. Some of these units draw a lot more than that.

If you can get your utility to provide a larger transformer, they may want to either charge you a flat rate for the larger unit or do primary metering. With primary metering, you will pay for the losses of the larger transformer instead of the utility (and all their customers). Then you will find that these don't really save anyone any real money.

Stick with a high efficiency conventional electric water heater, but if money is no object, you might consider a unit with a heat pump. Right now I think it would be hard to recover the initial investment with one of those, but if enough people bite, then maybe the cost will come down to something that works for the rest of us.

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