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Tank won't stop refilling

I am recently married and in the new house we have started to have a problem with the toilet. In short, after it flushes it continues to keep filling but the water doesn't go higher. We have to take off the lid so we can lift the ball and rod slightly to get it to stop. Visually, it looks like the water is going into the overflow before it reaches the hieght the ball is set to. How can I fix this?

Thank you in advance,

Michael in Vermont

Re: Tank won't stop refilling

Someone was nice enough to put the words water line on the overflow valve. That told me the problem was the ball and rod. So I fooled around with the screw to adjust the ball and rod until I got it.:)

Mike in Vermont

Re: Tank won't stop refilling

Sometimes when the valve in the toilet gets old, it gets a little corrosion on it from the hard water contact. There is a little screw on the valve that lets you adjust the ball downwards to reduce the amount of water going into the tank. That screw gets corroded and you can't use it. I've gone to the next step and bent the brass rod between the valve and the float ball, to lower the ball and reduce the level of the water.

Just something to keep in mind for the next time when you can't adjust it.

Good Luck.

Paul the plumber
Re: Tank won't stop refilling

take the old valve out and install a "fluidmaster" its a simple process

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