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T8 or T12

I want to install a T8 or a T12 - Tube Light in one of my bedrooms for extra light.
I am getting mixed answers to install either a T8 or a T12 for more light and being more cost efficient.

Which one should i go for T8, T12 or something else.


Re: T8 or T12

T8 will give you plenty of light. I believe that T12 is being phased out.

Justin Smith
Re: T8 or T12

T12 is being phased out and is inefficient.

Re: T8 or T12

I agree, T8 is the better choice. In my experience, they give more light. Make sure the ballast is compatible with T8; both T12 and T8 use the same sockets but usually they are not interchangeable.

One thing that will be important to you is to select the right "color" -- it's measured in Kelvin and comes in values like 2700, 3500, 4100, etc. The smaller the Kelvin value, the pinker the light; the larger numbers are bluer. 3500 is roughly equivalent to "soft white" incandescent bulbs, but I think 4100 gives a more natural color.

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