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Can lights be have 3 switches? Is it called a 4 way?
Can dimmers have more than one switch.

Re: Switches

If you need one switch, you use a "single-pole" switch.

If you need two switches, they must both be "3-way" switches.

If you need three or more switches, two of the switches must be "3-way" and the remainder must be "4-way."

Logically, it works like this: power---3-way---4-way---4way---3-way---light. Note that the power connects to the "common" terminal of the first 3-way switch; there are two wires between each switch in the series, then the "common" terminal of the last switch connects to the black wire of the light. Yes, the light can be physically placed between any of the switches or ahead of the first switch, but the logical flow of electricity must be as above.

Re: Switches

well said fencepost

Re: Switches

Thank you so much for your explanation. It's been a while. Kinda confused for a second!

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