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Switched outlets

My attic has a small finished room with no electrical outlets . It does have an overhead light that is on a switch . After shutting off the power I installed a junction box and a separate outlet . I wired in the everything in the correct manner but the outlet only works when the switch is in the off position . What have I done wrong ? Wracking my brain on this one .

Re: Switched outlets

Apparently you didn't wire it correctly like you thought.

The overhead light is controlled by a switch, making everything you connect to it to be controlled by the switch too.

To have a new receptacle, tap into a constant hot. Where to find a constant hot? you have to figure it out.

Re: Switched outlets

How many and what color are the wires in the light junction box

Re: Switched outlets

2 wires one white and one black . It's cloth covered romex . The switch is down stairs I installed junction box and outlet in the attic . I connected a new piece of romex to the to the outlet and ran that to the junction box . I made the splice in the old romex in the new box connecting white to white and black to black . When I turn the switch on the light comes on but the outlet stops working . Turn it off light goes out then the outlet works . Scratching my head on this one .

Re: Switched outlets

As dj1 said you need to get constant power to supply the new outlet.

It could come from the feed to your switch or from the outlet that is always on..not the side that is switched off and on where I suspect you have it now.

Test this out by plugging in a lamp at the outlet you tapped power from.
One side is always on ...the other side is controlled by the switch, if it's wired per Code.

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