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Swimming Pool Safety

There was a story all over the local news here last week about a horrible swimming pool accident. I don't think most people have ever heard of this so I want to alert people to this.

A little 6-year old girl was in a wading pool and was sitting on an uncovered pool drain. The suction from the pool drain sucked her small intestines out. She will have to be fed by a feeding tube the rest of her life and she has to have a colostomy bag.

The story in the newspaper reported that the typical case of disembowelment involves a young child (2-6 years old). These accidents usually occur in public wading pools with a broken or missing drain cover which the child sits on.

So please make sure that your pool drains are properly covered and don’t let your children use public wading pools until you have personally inspected them for adequate drain covers.

Re: Swimming Pool Safety


Blame the parent :mad: not the swimming pool malfunctions or pool owner.

Parent claim that their 4 years old kid that has swimming lesson is safe to be alone .......................over my dead body.:mad: [..read the article.....]

Re: Swimming Pool Safety

I remember hearing about this on the news. It was just awful to hear. I can't say I'd let my 4 year old swim alone, but a 6 year old would be able to swim on her own and when you bring your kids to a public pool you assume everything is working properly and that no one is in any danger. This shouldn't be the same assumption of your own pool. Have it checked out before every swimming season by a professional. And lets hope we never hear a story like this again. Thanks for sharing it here.

Re: Swimming Pool Safety

Unfortunately, every summer we hear about children get in trouble in pools, and it's going to be the same this coming summer.

Lack of supervision, poor swimming skills, pools equipment in bad condition - it all goes to parents' responsibility. They should, could and would see the risks in the pools, before it's too late.

Re: Swimming Pool Safety

That just made my stomach curl. Every pool I go to, I'm going to look at the drain covers.

Re: Swimming Pool Safety

I know this is an old thread,but...
This same thing actually happened to a neighbors kid about 10 years ago. They were at a pool,with a missing bottom drain cover,and it....um..... sucked about 12" of his colon out. Thank God somebody there had the common sense to turn the pool pump off.
Big Walt,what,are you a dope? A bottom drain cover is MANDATORY in a pool!!! How many people out there in real world,not to mention a little kid,would know not to sit on a drain? I didn't read the article,but no,I wouldn't let a 4 year old swim unattended. This could happen so fast though,that if you were standing right next to the kid it could still happen, and there would be nothing you could do about it.
Trust me here,I'm no liberal law suit happy guy,,just the opposite,but this is a case of severe negligence by the owner of this pool if a drain cover is missing!

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