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Sweaty toilet tank, too far from water heater

Full Description:Our tolet tank sweats so badly we have to wipe up the water three and sometimes four times a day. I'm wondering if there may be an inline water heater that could be connected just below the toilet. I have seen the show regarding how to fix this, but our problem is that the toilet and the water heater are about 40' worth of pipe apart. If anyone could provide a solution other than what I was able to find by searching the site and the afore mentioned program, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Re: Sweaty toilet tank, too far from water heater

Simply put --- you are experiencing condensation forming on the outside of the tank ------ The water in the tank is colder than the warm humid air in the bathroom.

The method you're describing is taking hot water and through a mixing valve mixing with the cold water for the tank --- this raises the temperature to bring it up past the dew point.

Consider the costs of the plumbing and mixing valve ---- then the fact of paying for the hot water being sent to the tank ---- flushing money down the toilet --- kinda silly in my opinion.

A simpler and less costly solution -------- for around $20 find a hardware store that sells a "Tank Liner Kit" like this http://www.lowes.com/pd_22739-143-PP836-20_4294822065_4294937087?productId=1063003

Re: Sweaty toilet tank, too far from water heater

Thanks Canok. Appreciate the advice

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