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Frank Galasso
Sweaty toilet tank

My toilet tank sweats constantly and so does the bowl. I have to wrap towels anound it or the floor gets soaked. Any sugggestions? Your feet will always be wet if I dont us the towels.. Thanks

Re: Sweaty toilet tank

As you know, the condensation is caused because your cold water supply is too cold.
Before we fix it, make sure that the cause is not that that the toilet is running all the time.

Now let's look at ways to warm it up, or temper that cold wc supply pipe. I will assume that you can access the cold supply to the toilet (wc). You can do just the wc or the whole bathroom if necessary.
1- Most simple is a 3 way mixing valve, which has hot and cold in and mixed out. It is like a shower valve that you install in the cold supply to the wc and adjust so that it is still cool. Too hot or too warm will cause excess bio- growth and be a cleaning chore. The mixing valves come in small cheap up to elaborate expensive big ones. They are often used to temper a radiant slab or cool down domestic hot water from a boiler tankless coil. These mixing valves lock down after you set the temp so they are not constantly being altered.
2- You could put an uninsulated holding tank in the cold line where the water would have time to sit and warm up naturally from the house. A small hot water tank with the insulation removed would work.

There must be more ways that guys will think of to get less cold water. If you have access to supply pipes further into the house from the toilet, where the pipe is not so cold you could perhaps run a new line back from that area.
If all the supply lines in the house are overly cold, you may want the uninsulated wam up tank to be installed in the supply line to the hot water maker so it is not forced to work so hard. That doesn't help the cold to the wc unless you run the wc line all the way from this tank too.

Re: Sweaty toilet tank

Now that is embarrassing! This Old House has a nice video on this!!!

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