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sweaty toilet

My toilet tank sweats 'til there are puddles under it. What do I do to stop the condensation?

Re: sweaty toilet

I used to have the same problem especially during the winter months as hot air from the furnace hitting it would cause our old toilet to sweat. We replaced our toilet with a Gerber Ultra Flush with a Flushometer valve. After replacing the toilet the sweating stopped as the Flushometer valve is a tank within a tank meaning that the water never goes into the ceramic tank keeping your tank from sweating.
This valve is great in that it flushes a great deal of waste down. However there is a drawback if your water authority ever says they need to turn off your water to do repairs for a few hours you can't add water to the tank as the valve is sealed.
Other than that the only other suggestions I have is to use foam and glue that on the side and bottom of the tank. I don't really suggest that though as the glue you would need is very hard to deal with and could cause problems with the toilet. The other suggestion I have is to get a special mixing valve that will mix in hot water to your toilet tank. These valves though don't always work and fail and are also hard to install. So really your best bet would be to buy a new toilet. Gerber by the way is not the only toilet now that has the Flushometer valve. Kohler and other manufacturers now have the Flushometer valve available on some toilet models. Good luck to you!:)

Re: sweaty toilet

You may need a temperature valve, like the Adjusto-Temp adjustable toilet valve, from Universal Rundle, model 5025-1, which is installed in my house (see pic). I am actually trying to replace mine with a new identical valve. However, I am having a hard time finding a location that sells it. Please let me know if you find a seller of the Adjusto-Temp toilet valve. Thanks.

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