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SW Florida Lanai problems

I just purchased a 2BR codo with a 7 1/2 x 16 lanai in South West Florida that leaks you! There is water on the floor when there is a substantial rainfall. After removing wallpaper,we discovered what looked like mold on the drywall. I decided to look closer by removing the drywall and discovered damp fiberglass insul.w/o any kraft paper infested with ants.The pressure treated 2x4 floor plate was secured to the ceramic floor tile which I want to replace and weather seal. I want to replace to 1/2" plywood that was wire meshed and stuccod with 3x5 concrete board. I will seal this board all around with silicone but I only want to go up from the slab the 3' height of this board. Will this plan work? Thanks David

Re: SW Florida Lanai problems

You want to investigate all avenues where water would leak into the space --- from above --- windows -- along the sill plate.
The outside surface looks to be too high --- in my opinion --- make sure the grade isn't running toward the building.
Is the cement board being used on the exterior ? If so , cement board isn't water proof on it's own.

Re: SW Florida Lanai problems

Yes,I did plan to use cement board on the exterior but if it is not waterproof,what else can I do to keep moisture out. What kind of sealant would I want use to make sure no water seeps in because the yard elevation is only about 1 1/2" below that of the inside floor?

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